Thailand Fencing World Cup Day 1: US Fencers Advance from Small Field

Day 1 of the Thailand Fencing World Cup kicked off with the seeding round.  The competition is very small, about 40 competitors so there were only 4 seeding groups of 7 fencing today.    Mike Etropolski led the way going 6-0, with the rest of the US fencers, Rhys Douglas went 5-1 and Brad Baker, Luther Clement and Ewen Douglass all going 4-2.  Ben Igoe and Tim Morehouse both had byes.  Morehouse is ranked 2nd here and Igoe 4th.    Other notable fencers competing tomorrow with byes today are Iliasz, Decsi, Lontay of Hungary, Skrodzi, Kuniusz of Poland and Jansen of Venezuela.   The Iranians, Hong Kong, British, Philipines and Thai are also countries competing.
Tomorrow fencing resumes at 11am Thailand time or (10pm EST).   Morehouse and Igoe fence Thai fencers to make 32, Etropolski fences an Iranian fencer to make 16, Clement fences Abedini of Iran, Ewen Douglas fences Lam of Hong Kong, Baker fences a Thai fencer to make 32 and Rhys Douglas fences Hutchinson of Great Britain.

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