Amazing Fencing Photography to Raise Funds for Charity: JOIN US!

Just got a sneak peak of the final production of the pictures we (Keeth Smart, James Williams and Jason Rogers) did with Nigel Barker.  Those pictures along with othe fencing pictures by Howard Schatz and a dozen other amazing photographers will be on display on May13th for a special charity event at the Barneys Penthouse 6:30-8:30pm to raise money for   We’ve sold 70 tickets with 30 remaining!

Tickets are on-sale now!  Information on tickets below:

True or False: Ballet Originated as a Dance Interpretation of Fencing?

TRUE! (And very cool!)

Ballet originated in 15th century Italy, as a dance interpretation of fencing. By the 17th century, ballet had spread to France where it became a staple in the court of Louis XIV. By the mid-19th century, ballet had spread to Denmark and Russia, where it was further refined. By the 20th century, ballet continued to develop and influence other forms of dance. Multiple styles such as contemporary ballet and post-structural ballet also developed.|

The Most Watched Fencing Video on the Internet?

Found this video on youtube set to the music of the matrix with 100,000+ hits.   Skateboarding found a nice little niche making videos of cool moves set to music, it seems like that might be a way for fencing to make some great stuff that would appeal to a wider audience.  

Seeing cool fencing moves edited well and set to music seems like something that a lot of people could enjoy and would watch.(Would be cool if  at all big national competitions there was a highlight package made set to music…so who is going to do that?)

Thoughts? Volunteers?

Top 5 Fencing Twitter Posts of The Day (Follow Them!)

#1. Hannahrlewis_normal HannahRLewis: @justinbieber I was at fencing practice and to motivate myself I started singing baby in my head I left practice undefeated please follow me

#2. Noah_normal_normal noahlz: Incredible #fencing bout btw Rota (ITA) and Boczko (HUN) from the '08 Olympics – part 1 part 2:

#3.   Kp_headshot_2010_02_normal kpereyra: What is more fun for a 10 year old than swords? (@ California Fencing Academy North Valley Facility)

#4.3685849_normal greeneyedtengu: @AquariusNX01 Try fencing. I can crack a walnut with my thighs. And the butt goes with it. Fr srs. Ask @tultema. (@cmdrctucker)

#5. Lion_normal roughoneson: Check this video out — Super Foil Fencing!! – en guard

And a question for you guys:
TimMorehouse TimMorehouse I think our sport needs a special name for tweets about fencing…Suggestions?