Top 5 Fencing Twitter Posts of The Day (Follow Them!)

#1. Hannahrlewis_normal HannahRLewis: @justinbieber I was at fencing practice and to motivate myself I started singing baby in my head I left practice undefeated please follow me

#2. Noah_normal_normal noahlz: Incredible #fencing bout btw Rota (ITA) and Boczko (HUN) from the '08 Olympics – part 1 part 2:

#3.   Kp_headshot_2010_02_normal kpereyra: What is more fun for a 10 year old than swords? (@ California Fencing Academy North Valley Facility)

#4.3685849_normal greeneyedtengu: @AquariusNX01 Try fencing. I can crack a walnut with my thighs. And the butt goes with it. Fr srs. Ask @tultema. (@cmdrctucker)

#5. Lion_normal roughoneson: Check this video out — Super Foil Fencing!! – en guard

And a question for you guys:
TimMorehouse TimMorehouse I think our sport needs a special name for tweets about fencing…Suggestions?

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