Fencing Question of The Day: How Much Money do Fencers Make in Hong Kong?

Answer: More than we do in the USA!
A National Team fencer in Hong Kong makes the equivalent of 4-5 thousand dollars a month, plus food, travel and an additional $150 dollars per diem on days when they’re traveling or competing.
My source of information was from a nice up and coming  fencer from Hong Kong named Jackson Wang.   We chatted with him during the Thailand world cup.   Jackson fences Saber for the Hong Kong Junior team and he’ll also be competing in the upcoming World Youth Olympics. (Good luck!)

Always interesting to hear how other countries athlete training programs work!

2 thoughts on “Fencing Question of The Day: How Much Money do Fencers Make in Hong Kong?

  1. Hey Tim,

    Coming from (and fencing for) New Zealand I have never received funding from my fencing body. With the exception of receiving external grants from charities and the FIE. Unfortunately in NZ there is no money for most sports and even less for fencing. I am now training full-time in Korea and its all self-funded. I know Jackson and the fencers from HK. HK is considered a fencing powerhouse in the Asian zone and has dedicated government funding (in the millions). As I fence epee I am especially close to the HK men’s epee team. Since HK only funds medal winning events, there is no programme and funding for men’s epee in HK (because of perceived performance issue). Even then, since last year men’s epee team has received scholarship/funding. Kudos to my buddies they have since won a medal in this year’s Asian Champs in the team’s event!

    Hopefully our situation changes soon. Luckily you are good enough to be able to get sponsorship. Since I am new (relatively speaking) to fencing and have few tournament results, attracting sponsorships is especially hard. Hopefully this changes soon.

    The worst part is we don’t have a training programme nor a squad nor a national coach. For these reasons and the reasons mentioned above I feel like I am fencing for myself and not my country per say. Since everything is an individual effort- a private enterprise so to speak! Hopefully my perseverance and hard work will get me the results to justify all these sacrifices and “costs”.

    All the best to you and your fencing! Good luck and congratulations on your recent deal with food company! At least now you will be well fed.

  2. You know Jackson Wang is now the rapper of a band called Got7. Its is Korean kpop group made by JYP entertainment. He is sort of a celebrity now and is in many tv shows. Jackson is awesome. He getting more mainstream now. He is really big in Korea and china.

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