Flat Broke and a US Olympian (A Follow Up)

Wow, did not expect as much reaction to my article, Flat Broke and a US Olympian, but Worth It!  First, thank you to all the people who commented and sent words of encouragement via email and on the blog (20 comments and counting!).  Truly means  a lot to know that I have so many people rooting for me and also that there are so many people who can relate during these hard economic times.

I received a lot of questions about, “Why did you write this?” and so I just wanted to take a moment to explain.   I did not write it to bash anyone , to solicit donations or for sympathy.    I wanted to describe as realistically as possible the challenges facing many small sport Olympians since my story is far from unique.    I also think (hoping) that things are about to turn around and so even for myself, I wanted to remember just how challenging it has been especially now.

While I didn’t write it for donations, a number of people gave afterwards and others have done so over the past year so let me just say a big THANK YOU to David Raney, Delia Turner, Ann Gibert, Anthony Moore, Linda Dunn, Jimahn Choi, fencing.net, Kathryn Bone, Philip Hedges, and James Dobbins.  And, a super special thanks to BRUCE!

If you’ d like to sponsor or donate:
http://www.timmorehouse.com/sponsorship.html (Donations are tax-deductible)

As I mentioned yesterday, some good news to announce next week!

4 thoughts on “Flat Broke and a US Olympian (A Follow Up)

  1. I was touched as well. Of course the view of the next ten years (hopefully) of my life is a little intimidating.

  2. Funding for minority sports here in the UK is total crap too… best of luck for your campaign and as I said before, hope to see you here in 2012!!

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