Fencing Documentary: “Fencing. The art, science and passion” (Trailer)

This trailer looks interesting.    A short montage with fencers in-action and people talking about the sport.   Would be interested to check out the whole thing.    What do you think of the trailer?

The website http://fencing.gearstoreonline.info/trailer-fencing-the-art-the-science-and-the-passion/ explains the documentary as:

Young Fencers Personal Stories A State of Mind Beyond Fencing Ever wondered what’s its like to duel with a sword or a rapier? This 6-part documentary introduces you to the intensely competitive actions of the sports fencer and the elegant traditional moves of the classical duelist. See bouts at fencing academies in the USA and in distinguished fencing clubs in London. Hear fencers on their inner thoughts about what its like to outwit an opponent Through exciting close-ups, the fast moving action of dueling weapons are captured with a clarity rarely seen on TV or in movies.

At the end of the video it says you can order “The film plus five information packed chapters” at bertshap@gmail.com (I might just be sending him an email shortly!)

@Fencing_Girl on twitter posts a lot of interesting content on fencing and I found this from her.  I definitely recommend following her.  She posts videos and pictures everyday!

Christian Bauer. Top International Men’s Saber Fencing Coach on the Move to Russia?

It appears the answer is yes.

He’s coached the last two individual Olympic champions in men’s saber.  Aldo Montano in 2004 as the head coach of Italy.  The team also won a Silver losing to France in the finals.   And then in 2008 as the head coach of China, Zhong Man also won gold.  (Did I mention he’s French and also coached their Olympic team before that?)

Now, it looks like he’s headed to Russia (His 4th country) to try to restore the program to its former world dominance.    There are a lot of similarities to his previous 2 moves.  In Italy, there was a veteran star Luigi Tarrantino and an up and coming star, Aldo Montano, the he was able to take to the next level combined with his ability to make the rest of the fencers stronger equaled big results.  In China, JZ Wang was an established veteran, and he brought up Zhong Man to world prominence turning into a gold although the team faultured in Beijing.

In Russia, he’d have an established veteran in Yakimenko, and a young emerging star in Reshetnikov along with additional strong young fencers.  Very similar formula.  Combined with being given total control of the program.

Should be interesting to see what he can do…wherever he’s gone, he’s brought Olympic medals, but Russia might be a bit of a different beast.   I never doubt this guy’s ability to accomplish things.   Stay tuned…

RIGHT TO PLAY “En Garde” Charity Cocktail Party at Barneys: A Smashing Success for Charity and Fencing

The fencing community and its friends flexed their  muscles tonight at the Barneys Penthouse raising upwards of 15,000+ dollars for the Humanitarian organization Right To Play as New York State Governor David Patterson, Nigel Barker, Serge Timacheff , Olympic coach Yury Gelman and fencing legend and Olympian Peter Devine joined 150+ guests to enjoy fencing photography and cocktails.

Governor Patterson spoke to the crowd, along with Right To Play COO Jeffrey Orridge and hosts Matt Doyle, Jason Rogers and Tim Morehouse.   All of them addressed the importance of sports for children’s development and the need for resources in underdeveloped countries so that children can play and learn.   Right To Play teaches kids in impoverished areas life lessons via sports and provides children who might not necessarily have it with sporting equipment and coaches. (www.righttoplayusa.org)  The money raised will go to help thousands of children in countries around the world.

The night was also special to me because of the strength displayed by fencing.   150+ guests paying $150 dollars a ticket to enjoy fencing photography!  Imagine how many people we can get with live fencing ?   The answer of course, is that this be the first of many events I plan on doing to help raise money for good causes while simultaneously promoting fencing.   I have some big projects in the works to hold spectator/sponsor friendly tournaments in New York City where we can draw thousands of paying spectators and get sponsors behind it.

It’s not even a question of can we get people to watch fencing and companies to sponsor it.  It’s going to happen and it’s happening now.(Speaking of which, I still have a big sponsorship announcement to make soon!)   For now, a nice victory for a good cause and a score for the sport of fencing.

PS Also in attendance tonight were Daria Schneider, Mike Etropolski and my mother and father! (Mom bid on 3 of the photographs and won! Thanks Mom!)

Thank you to everyone who helped make tonight a smashing success! And to everyone who continues to work towards helping good causes and growing our small, but mighty sport.  Make room world…the fencers are coming!