Christian Bauer. Top International Men’s Saber Fencing Coach on the Move to Russia?

It appears the answer is yes.

He’s coached the last two individual Olympic champions in men’s saber.  Aldo Montano in 2004 as the head coach of Italy.  The team also won a Silver losing to France in the finals.   And then in 2008 as the head coach of China, Zhong Man also won gold.  (Did I mention he’s French and also coached their Olympic team before that?)

Now, it looks like he’s headed to Russia (His 4th country) to try to restore the program to its former world dominance.    There are a lot of similarities to his previous 2 moves.  In Italy, there was a veteran star Luigi Tarrantino and an up and coming star, Aldo Montano, the he was able to take to the next level combined with his ability to make the rest of the fencers stronger equaled big results.  In China, JZ Wang was an established veteran, and he brought up Zhong Man to world prominence turning into a gold although the team faultured in Beijing.

In Russia, he’d have an established veteran in Yakimenko, and a young emerging star in Reshetnikov along with additional strong young fencers.  Very similar formula.  Combined with being given total control of the program.

Should be interesting to see what he can do…wherever he’s gone, he’s brought Olympic medals, but Russia might be a bit of a different beast.   I never doubt this guy’s ability to accomplish things.   Stay tuned…

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