The Worlds Largest Fencing Competition! Ever? (6000+ Fencers!)

This is pretty awesome!

This summer (July 3rd-July 10th) the US National Championships week of fencing will play host to “6000+ Fencers” according to the usfencing website.

A great sign that fencing continues to grow around the country with new clubs and fencers!  Anyone ever heard of a bigger competition anywhere? This would be great to generate PR!

More Information:

Where in the World is Team USA Men’s Saber Fencing?

We’re off on a 2-week trip with world cups in Madrid, Spain and then we’ll stay for a camp before heading to Padua, Italy.  These are the 6th and 7th world cups we’ll be competing in this season.

Ben Igoe, Daryl Homer, Mike Etropolski, Andrew Fischl, Jeff Spear, Tim Morehouse and a number of other US fencers will be headed overseas for the competitions.    Up for grabs, potentially the 4th spot on the US National Team with James Williams currently working in San Francisco and not training.   These tournaments will also be important for world ranking.   National coach Yury Gelman will coach the team on the trip.

I’ve got The Wire season 3, Friday Night Lights Season 2 and the book, “Geeks Guide to World Domination” by Garth Sundem to help me pass the time on the flight over!

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