No Way! MTV Commercial Features Fencing! LOL

The fencing craze continues with this commercial  running now on MTV!

Check it out here:

What do you think? Pretty nifty dance/fencing moves!

Directed by Hilary Bunt + Yvette Paxinos
D.O.P Callan Green
Produced by Vashti Rosenberg

President Obama Fencing at the White House! “It’s True. I Always Wanted To Fence”

At the start of the video President Obama says, “It’s True, I always wanted to Fence!” and then he points at Daria and myself and says, “So, I might get some tips from you two.”   Then 42 Seconds in he comes over and learns about fencing from us. (Took me awhile to get this up. Sorry!)

Some Highlights:
1)He “stabs” me with a Light Saber in front of cameras in what would become a picture seen around the world.

2) The President  “pokes” Michelle Obama at one point with a Foam Saber and pretends to fence with her

3) He referees a touch with the panoramic view of the White House behind us.  (Amazing!)

4) You can see Michelle trying to check out the Olympic medal twice: First time, President Obama moves it away and 2nd time I thought she was trying to shake my hand! (She finally gives up, sad!)

What a surreal day this was in my life!