Venezuela Men’s Saber Fencing World Cup: Morehouse 5th. Etropolski 8th Pace Team USA. Igoe/Homer Top 16. Montano Wins.

Polamar, Venezuela — In the second to last world cup of the season with the 4th spot on the national team still open, Mike Etropolski fenced his way into 4th-spot, passing an idle James Williams, by defeating Carlos Bravo (VEN) in the round of 32 and then Gigi Tarrantino (ITA) 15-13 to make it into the top-8.     Ben Igoe, Daryl Homer and Tim Morehouse securely within the top-3.   Jeff Spear and Andrew Fischl, also both in contention lost to Decsi (HUN) 10-15 and Jansen (VEN) 8-15 respectively.

James Williams, who stopped competing mid-way through the season, has decided to return and will now fence at the New York World Cup and at Nationals meaning the 4th spot will come down to these final 2 competitions.

For team USA, Morehouse finished 5th and Daryl Homer and Ben Igoe made top-16.   Dan Bak,  Barron Nydham, Rhys Douglas and Oleg Ochocki also finished in the top-32.

The athletes fence again on Friday on the first day of the New York World Cup.

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