3 thoughts on “Cool Fencing Video of The Day: Mariel Zagunis Wins the Gold at NY World Cup!

  1. wow. I don’t fence but I’ve been thinking about getting into it for years. If I’m interpreting what’s going on here correctly, every point was argued and they barely showed any respect to judges or each other. Not the kind of sport I want to participate in.

  2. No offense intended to the Sabre fencers but…
    – There always seems to be more arguing in Sabre (and 90% of the time its about someone saying they were attacking into their opponents preparation)
    – There’s a lot more arguing at the higher levels. Lower level fencing (i.e. not top national & international competitions) are a lot slower and easier to follow both for the director (judge) and the participants in the match.

    Don’t let the arguing dissuade you from trying fencing – its a great sport and this stuff never really happened that often in my experience (fencing from 1993-2002 with competitions at high school & college levels).

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