Veuve Clicquot Polo Classic 2010: The Sport of Polo Continues to outshine Fencing (For No Good Reason!)

Here is an interview with #1 USA Polo Player and Wilhelmina model Nic Rolden today.  Polo has a competition out on Governors island this weekend with Prince Harry and a ton of celebs attending.  It also has high-profile sponsors paying money, good crowds, tons of press coverage this week… There is no reason (beyond just someone doing it in fencing!) for the sport of Polo to have this kind of high profile stuff and for fencing to not!

Fencing is one of the few sports in the USA that doesn’t really run any competitions for spectators! (And without spectators, you can’t get sponsors who will spend money!)   Polo has a series of events in high profile places like NYC, Miami, the Hampton’s, LA and they are all sponsored and well-covered by the press.    They have sponsorships with Mercedes Benz, Ralph Lauren and others and they aren’t even an Olympic sport, less people to do Polo than fencing, and most people know as much about Polo as they do fencing! (So, lets get on this!)

Anyway, I’m working to change all that (I never complain unless I’m ready to take action) so stay tuned.   We’ve got our work cut out for us, but we have a fantastic niche sport with the most avid fans/participants, the coolest history around, we’ve got Olympic champion Mariel Zagunis and other assets that just need to be synergized in the right way!

3 thoughts on “Veuve Clicquot Polo Classic 2010: The Sport of Polo Continues to outshine Fencing (For No Good Reason!)

  1. Maybe if you saber guys would try slashing at each other on horseback…

    But seriously, don’t discount the “Oh look, a pretty pony” factor in polo’s relative popularity compared to fencing.

  2. NO EXCUSES. THIS IS THE LOSER TALK FOR OUR SPORT. Making up reasons why others are doing something that we can easily do…This is the kind of stuff that gets us nowhere. I’ve been listening to excuses/reasons/rationale like this since I started fencing. WE CAN DO IT and DO IT BETTER. PERIOD.

    The only reason something is more popular than something else is that SOMEONE worked to make it that way.

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