17 thoughts on “The New US Fencing Logo. What do think?

  1. Totally and utterly horrible compared to the current one, looks like it was a vintage model of a 1970’s olympics…

  2. Tho the graphics are clean and catchy, it looks very European, I prefer the one with the American flag!!

  3. Old one is much more dynamic–the figure is colorful and shows action. New one is too dark in the middle-need to lighten it up. Let’s put the “old” logo inside the new one!

  4. That is useless! Don’t fix what isn’t broken and certainly don’t go out to break what is a nice piece of graphic design. A six year old could have designed that new one.

  5. To my eye, the old logo is superior. As elmo says, it’s more dynamic. The old logo captures the energy and vitality of fencing. The new logo feels static, heavy, and frankly, plodding.

    Besides the clumsy design of the new logo, my question is, why the push to change the logo now? Won’t it cost a fortune to re-brand everything with this bottlecap style logo?

  6. Hate to be contrarian, but the old logo seems fairly ‘busy.’ The new logo is a step away from that. Problem is that the minimalist stick figure was modeled on some fencer with fairly bad form — the motion I see is of his head describing a reverse C toward the floor.

    But then the old logo would have gotten its subject a yellow card.

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