The Best Fencing Party at Nationals? Yury’s Hall of Fame Celebration at Nellya!

Nellya Fencing Club was the home of a celebration to honor new Hall of Fame Member Coach Yury Gelman.     Members of the fencing community turned out in droves to celebrate and pay their respects to Coach Gelman.

The party was a surprise and Yury’s wife and daughter flew down to Atlanta along with his student Olympian Keeth Smart just for the occasion.  Also in attendance were the Jacobson clan, Ed Korfanty, Kurt Aichele, Dagmara Wozniak, Ariania Klinkov, the Douville clan, Terrence Lasker, Akhi-Spencer-El,  Peter Westbrook, Don Anthony and host  Maestro Arkady Burdan amongst others.

I have to say that the best two celebrations I have ever attended were at Nellya Fencing Club…who knew fencing clubs could be so fun for events?

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