The “Who Knew?” File: Champion Fencer Don Anthony is the Brother of Reality TV Star Omarosa!


And there they are (above)  filming an episode for Omarosa’s new show,  “Donald Trump Presents: The Ultimate Merger.”

Who knew, right?

Via Twitter:

OMAROSA OMAROSAThe fencing instructor is my brother!! Don Anthony !! Love you brother dear!!

What other “who knew”s are lurking out there in the fencing world?

Maybe The Situation is really a long lost Jacobson?

PS Here is a description of the show:

Every Thursday at 10pm, Omarosa will have her choice of 12 fine bachelors, all of them hand-picked by Donald Trump, to ultimately find the one who brings her true love.

At her fingertips are some real catches including model and author CJ; new school singer Ray Lavendar; former NFL player Isaac and even a blast from the past — 90′s R&B hunk Al B. Sure.  Filming in Las Vegas.

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