13 thoughts on “A New USA Fencing Logo?

  1. That is certainly much better than the criticized version. More unified and vibrant.Less is more. I have suggested the USFA should dump the poor design and immediately get a new one or else, it will become a laughingstock globally if they use it on uniforms or for branding. Not a good way to proceed with public relations and marketing.

  2. So. Much. Better. WM did a GREAT job. I LOVE the deconstruction translated onto the uniform. If I have one critique, it’s that the type selection/design could still use some consideration; specifically, “fencing.”

    Excellent! Really excellent as a first draft!

  3. I agree! This is way better than the first design. There is movement and flow to it but I agree with Sheila about the type. The USA isn’t bad but the type choice for ‘fencing’ is all wrong. It should be something like italics or slanted. Something that implies movement. Thanks and kudos to WM 😀

  4. I like this logo much better, amazing how a little creativity can really make something work. Too bad the other expensive marketing group couldn’t come up with this?! I do agree with the fb person who said the font wasn’t fab; I would go with a font similar to the style of the design, more a brush stroke one.

  5. This is a great logo that captures the movement in fencing. It looks attractive and dynamic on the uniform! I would so much rather wear this. I really hope the “proposed new logo” is not a done deal.

  6. Sheilagermain,

    The type could use a little change for elegance’s sake to relate to the flexibility of the blade. It could either be bold to show the vibrancy of the sport or be narrow with contrasting color to have a lightweight speed to it.

    The USFA really did screw it big time with the other logo. If they were smart, they should’ve contracted the military to do the design for them.

  7. Much better! The knickers need something different, but I’m not sure what…as is, the brush strokes remind me of Road Runner. Actually, if Warner Brothers would be a corporate sponsor, what the heck

  8. The graphic design is great, but the font choices could be better. Or, at least, the font that “Fencing” is done in would likely have to be made a little more standard to truly get adopted.

    Regardless, much better than the “new” logo.

  9. 1000% better than that stodgy, amateurish design that the USFA is considering…

    But why did we need a new logo in the first place? Doesn’t US Fencing have bigger fish to fry—and better uses for its money? I really don’t need to have to get new knickers just because someone at the national office thinks all change is good. Or worse, that the USOC does.

  10. I really love your logo design although I feel as if the word “fencing” could be taken off and it would look good enough. “Fencing” seems like too much for the logo. But it’s definitely a hundred times better than the “new” logo that USFA has put up. The one they have looks more like a club logo than a national logo.
    The uniform look is an excellent one. I feel like they should definitely be used by the London games.

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