Supermodel Christie Brinkley Shows Off Her Fencing Skills!

Christie Brinkley (not a fencer sadly) but she did have a fencing team at her high school and at the “Dinner For Schmucks” after-party she showed off her fencing lunge for the cameras! (Not bad not bad!)

She is super sweet and it was great to meet her and chat with her a bit.

She does a lot of really amazing charitable work and you can check out some of her causes at:

A Fencer Checks out the movie “Dinner For Schmucks”

Had the chance to check out the premiere of Paul Rudd and Steve Carell’s new comedy “Dinner For Schmucks“.  As per most Paul Rudd movies, there is a fencer in it! (See “Role Models” and “I Love You Man”)

This was a great flick!  Really funny.   Worth checking out for sure!

Had the chance to chat with Paul a bit about the movie and fencing and while he has never “fenced” competitively he did do it as part of his acting training and he says he is a big fan of the sport!