Fencing Masters NYC: Is Fencing Coming To TV?

Hi Friends,

It’s been awhile since I last wrote an update on the promotional fencing competition I’m looking to hold in November.   A lot of behind the scenes work has been going on (with a lot more to do) but here is where we are with it:

TV/WEB Coverage:
has offered to air the event live-streaming on their website.  Which is nice, but we’d ideally LOVE TV!    To that end, we’ve also have had some really positive conversations with a television network (meeting their production team next week) and hoping to get them on board! (Fingers crossed!) Looks promising right now, but you never know!

Date/Location: Hammerstein Ballroom Nov. 17

We chose this place after touring Carnegie Hall, Lincoln Center and some other venues.   The costs of Carnegie Hall/Lincoln Center was really high.  Also, because of Union rules at these places we’d have to use their catering, alcohol and staff which would great increase cost so we’ve picked the 2,000 seat Hammerstein Ballroom.

We have received $30,000 of seed funding to help us launch the website, put the down payment on the venue etc.  The rest we will look to get from ticket sales and sponsorships.

Media Partners:
We have “asks” out to some major magazines: VF, Esquire, GQ and others about joining us in this venture.   My fingers are crossed here too, but at a minimum we’ve got a great power-point in front of some pretty powerful eyes
on our sport.

Bistromdsport  has joined us as a food sponsor.  We won’t start looking for more sponsors until we have nailed down what type of coverage the event will have. i.e. TV/Magazine etc.  These things determine how much you can actually ask for when talking to companies

WCMG Events
has been working with me over the past 2-months laying out the groundwork to get this up and running.  They’ve been really amazing.  They are a fantastic company that has done boxing events on TV for ESPN as well as numerous other events of varying sizes and focus.   I’m hoping to maybe involve them in the NY World Cup somehow. (Stay tuned)   Daria Schneider has also been working tirelessly with me to build the infrastructure to make this happen.  Thanks Dizzle!

We tentatively have scheduled to compete (format still TBD) Aldo Montano, Nicolas Lopez, Jaime Marti, Olga Kharlan, Mariel Zagunis, myself as well as probably another international fencer and other USA fencers.

Next Steps:
Over next 2-weeks we’re hoping to have either a media partner of either TV and/or magazine.   Once that happens, we’ll move quickly to get up a website to begin selling tickets/providing information about the event.  Then we’ll be  be off to the races!  We’re already working on the design of the site.   Hopefully you’ll like it!

How You Can Help:
Once we launch the website and begin selling tickets we’ll need all hands on-deck to sell out the 2,000 seat arena and to help spread the word!

* Projects like this are truly difficult to pull off so we still have some steps before we go from tentative to confirmed.   I share this process to hopefully be somewhat educational and to hopefully show the potential of what we can do as a sport!  The future looks bright…

5 thoughts on “Fencing Masters NYC: Is Fencing Coming To TV?

  1. Sounds like it’s all just about to come together- with a lot of hard work! We’ll be looking for the website. Good luck with this, Tim.

  2. I hope this comes together! But are there going to be other weapons besides sabre? If part of the idea of having this is to spread interest in fencing, viewers should see at least a little of foil and epee. Granted sabre is more interesting for the non-fencer to watch, but as a foilist I’d love it if all weapons were represented =)

  3. Great work Tim! So excited to see fencing and real media trying to get together. Will forward ticket website to all my NYC friends when available.

  4. Great work Tim. I also looking to hold something similar in Nigeria as a way to promote the sport. I find the information you’ve provided very helpful. Thanks

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