The Transformation of a Small Sport Olympic Athlete into a Business: Lesson 1: Where to Start?

These pictures and the write-up in New York Magazine are a great representation of some of the physical “signs of progress” I’ve made in my quest to gain sponsorship and improve my fencing over the past two years.

So quickly, part of my physical change has been from training,  but also from eat well! over the past 2 months has made a HUGE difference and I definitely recommend checking it out!

Beyond the physical changes, I’ve been learning a lot about marketing/branding/networking and I’d like to start to share some of those lessons here.    So, the first lesson I’d like to share is that in order to “market” properly, you really need to know “what am I marketing for?”  If you can’t answer that question then forget thinking about marketing and go back towards figuring out your goals more concretely.

For me, the goal started after Beijing when we won our Silver medal.  All around me I saw so many events, marketing/money making opportunities and promotional opportunities and we weren’t really involved in any of them!    So, first thing I wanted to do was find fencing “a place at the table” with the other Olympic sports and also

I saw so many opportunities that we were missing both on and off the field.   On the field, we lost so many athletes at a young age because the sport just isn’t economically sustainable for our athletes.   Off the field, there were so many great stories about our team that just never got told to the general public.

That goal was  soon refined over time to be about getting sponsorship which would both help promote the sport and make it more economically sustainable.  I hope this bistromd sponsorship is the first step in a long-term process to grow the exposure of the sport and attain more resources for the athletes and sport.

So once you have the goal there is an infrastructure that must be built to support its achievement and that I’ll talk more about that later!

For now, if you haven’t read the NY Magazine article (it is kind of fun article) then check it out:


PS Comment on their article for me so they’ll want to write more! 😉

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