Apolo Ohno Helps Announce New US Olympic Partnership with BMW

8-Time Olympic Speed-skating Medalist Apolo Ohno (After a great visit to the Today Show) along with other members of the US Olympic Family were on-hand at the BMW dealership on 57th and 11th street in NYC for the big announcement that BMW has re-joined the Olympic Movement as a sponsor of Team USA!

BMW will be sponsoring the USOC directly as well as four sports: Speedskating, Bobsled/Skeleton, Swimming and Track and Field.

What is most interesting about this partnership is that they plan to not only provide funds, but also be a resource for improving the technology of our athlete’s equipment to help them go faster!

So, what has Ohno been doing since the Olympics? He’s got a book coming out in October (I will definitely check that out) and he’s currently trying to build a career in TV.  (Best of Luck Apolo! You’re a true Olympic hero!)

Tonight, I’ll be joining teammates Keeth Smart, Erinn Smart, Susie Paxton for an event with the British Consulate to celebrate the two-year countdown to the London Olympics!!!

6 thoughts on “Apolo Ohno Helps Announce New US Olympic Partnership with BMW

  1. Love The photo of Apolo and Tim, High respect with this two great Olympians who represent the U.S.A wit hpride and joy.

  2. Thanks for sharing the photos. 2 of my favorite Athlete and Olympian. Who represnt the U.S.A. very well:)

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