BBC News: Fencing Pin Up Makes Her Point

I checked the data on my blog today and saw an EXPLOSION of searches for Olga Kharlan, the Ukrainian Olympic women’s saber gold medalist in team from Beijing….
Turns out BBC news had a world-wide feature on her…some of the story is below and there is also a link to a great interview of her as well!
Go fencing and love the world-wide publicity!  Will she be our first international star? We could use one!
By Ollie Williams
BBC Sport

“I still don’t realise I’m a sports star.”

In most people’s books, Olga Kharlan would not be one. But, while fencing struggles to find an audience in many countries, the 19-year-old sabre specialist helped it onto the Ukrainian front pages with one of the most memorable displays of the Beijing Games. READ MORE:

Interestingly enough…BBC news will be tracking Olga’s Olympic qualification and there is a place to email her questions within the story…wonder how they selected Kharlan versus our very own Zagunis for example?

World Class

Olga Kharlan is one of the athletes being tracked for World Class 2012 in partnership with the British Council.

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