8 thoughts on “Cool Fencing Picture of the Day: Ocean Fencing!

  1. My club colleague Brain Causton flew over from the UK to fence in this event. He placed 12th. Not bad for a foilist!!

  2. Yes; this is last year’s event. Amanda Morrow from Georgia Southern Fencers took 600 pictures; she has already posted some of those. I can’t remember who I’m fencing, but that is another Nellya fencer, James Marshall, directing.

    Charles Williams’ Savannah Fencers Club puts this on every year at the end of July. 32 competitors this year.

    After the event (won for the third year in a row by Fencing Star Academy’s (no,Nellya didn’t win) Emily Robey-Phillips) SFC sponsored a great party in a house rented for the occasion.

    Charlie is god re: the action; he consults four corner judges, two for each fencer, re: the touch. It is just too much fun. And it is the only fencing event in America with spectators.

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