Bettina Stelle and Donna Karen Host Right To Play Charity Event along with Olympians, Richard Gere

This weekend I traveled to Sag Harbor in the Hamptons to help host and run a charity event for Right To Play.    I’m an Athlete Ambassador for Right To Play, an organization which uses sport to teach children in third world country’s life lessons.

It was a full day which started with a play day at the Sag Harbor Yacht Club.    Marco Tricarico (Visiting Italian Saber Fencer) helped me run a fencing station, while other Olympic ambassadors including Devon Harris (Team captain of the Jamaican Bobsled Team featured in Cool Runnings) played games with the several hundred children who attended and Alexa Joel rocked out some cool children’s songs!

Bettina Stelle hosted us for the weekend and helped to plan the activities.  A huge thank you to her and her husband for such amazing hospitality! (Aswell as Sam!) In the evening, Donna Karen hosted a photography auction to raise money for RTP at her Urban Zen and also spoke along with Bettina.

All in all, a great weekend! Raised money for charity and got several hundred kids to try out fencing! Score! Enjoy the pictures!

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