Something Big is Coming to Fencing…I NEED YOUR HELP!

Dear Fencing Community,

In about 10 days I will be launching a project that I’ve been working on with a number of great people.   The project will be the product of two-years of work spent building a marketing/branding infrastructure and key relationships with people who can help give us a leg up.   All this is done with the aim of providing fencing wtih a real powerful product for the public that we can use to garner sponsorships, new fans, new fencers etc.

We’ll also be raising money for many of our Olympic hopefuls to help support their training for London 2012.

I’m going to need all the help and energy of everyone to make it successful.   If we do, it will be showing an awful lot of people just the tip of the iceberg of the value that we know is contained within the fencing community.  Our fencing community united is a serious force to be reckoned with!

We won’t be able to succeed without you…more to come…but to give you a little hint we’re going to selling 2,000 seats for a fencing tournament (we aim to sell out) and this will be the first televised fencing tournament of a goal I’m driving towards to get fencing on TV 4 times a year.(hopefully by 2014…(And don’t forget 1 million members by 2020!)

Thanks for all your support so far…let’s rally around something super positive!



In the initial days, I would love for you to utilize your FB statuses, twitter statuses, profiles etc. to generate a strong social media launch.

Then of course, we’ll need you to buy tickets/help us sell tickets to the tournament!


4 thoughts on “Something Big is Coming to Fencing…I NEED YOUR HELP!

  1. im karthick from India i would like to train in ur club….
    can you please send ur coach and other details as soon as possible………

    thanking you

  2. I’ve seen some of the USFA Coaches programs’ recommendations for implementing a ‘rating/progression’ system for fencing. It seems that’s a start for establishing a young fencers progression, and a feeder system for folks to grow from neophytes to experienced three weapon competitors. However, I’m brand new to trying out coaching, and haven’t seen much promoting of that system on the web, or anywhere else like the USFA magazine.

    Out here in Honolulu, I’m trying to partner with a gymnastics company (, a place that offers traditional gym events and new things like parkour, and cannot seem to drag local clubs into a more progressive group effort….
    That is, we have several anemic clubs of 2-3 fencers, composed of stalwart older fencers, and no one is willing to try something fresh that could generate sustained interest in a commercial way- ways that allow fencing to grow as a sport by feeding in diehard fencers, as they grow up.

    Any advice? Can you work something in on your next trip to Hawaii?


  3. Incredible work you’re doing. I’m excited to hear more. I’ve never understood why fencing doesn’t attract the spectators that, say, high level golf and tennis manage to garner. Though, I’m certain this is due to a lack of understanding of the sport, skill and art. Accessibility, education and marketing are key with emphasis on creating a larger pool of athletes (and thus spectators) via youth programs. Keep up the good work!

  4. Yeah you go Tim ! Much better than world championship dominos on ESPN! (no kidding I saw it once)
    I will help however I can.
    Best Regards
    Scott Harkey
    Sword Masters

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