Volunteers Needed for the Rockefeller Center Learning Plaza at the NBC Education Nation Summit

Volunteers Needed for the Learning Plaza at the NBC Education Nation Summit

From Sunday, September 26 through Thursday, September 30, NBC News will be turning Rockefeller Plaza into the “Learning Plaza,” an interactive exhibit where visitors can learn about the current state of education in America as part of a summit run by NBC News called “Education Nation.”  The summit is a nationally broadcast conversation about the future of education in America

The Learning Plaza has been designed to demonstrate the interconnectedness of the educational ecosystem. The exhibit features five galleries, each representing an indispensable branch of the learning landscape: the Learner, the Educator, the School and Community, the Nation, and the Call to Action.

The role of volunteers on the Learning Plaza will be to raise awareness about the challenges we face in education, but also inspire hope that things can change. This should be a unique experience for every visitor to reflect on what education means to them personally. We want to empower visitors to take action in their own communities and to take ownership of our future as a nation. For that reason, it is important to us to have a corps of volunteers who are passionate about education themselves—as we enter into the 21st Century, it is our duty to prepare the next generation of Americans for the global challenges that lie ahead.

The Teaching Garden organization is coordinating the centerpiece of the Learning Plaza and would like to volunteers to be able to share their experiences on education and the role of health in their students lives.  Volunteers will need to familiarize themselves with the education summit and Teaching Garden via materials to be provided.  There are 3 shifts daily for 4 hours a day over the course of the summit and volunteers need to sign up for at least one shift.

To Volunteer and for additional Information and Scheduling contact:


For more info on Summit:


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