Want to Compete in the Fencing Masters? YOU CAN! 12 Qualifiers on AskFred and Growing!

There are qualifying events happening all over the country!  Your chance to win your way into the Fencing Masters NYC awaits! (Now 12 and growing with 3 more to be added soon!)

Here is the list of Qualifiers: http://askfred.net/Events/upcoming.php?filters[sec_id]=&filters[div_id]=&filters[weapon]=&filters[gender]=&filters[age]=&filters[team]=&filters[event_prereg_count]=&filters[event_rating][op]=%3D&filters[event_rating][prediction]=&filters[name]=Fencing+Master&filters[date][op]=%3D&filters[date][value]=

Fencers, here’s how you can compete against an Olympic Champion at the Fencing Masters!

  • Clubs will be hosting open qualifying tournaments for the men’s saber competition!
  • Entrants at these local tournaments will receive one ticket to the Fencing Masters NYC to be held on Nov. 17th at the Hammerstein Ballroom. A portion of your entry fee supports the US Olympic Fencing Team.
  • The winner of each club competition will be invited to compete at the “FM NYC Club Champions Tournament” on Nov. 17th from 3-7pm at Hammerstein Ballroom during the Expo.  The Top-8 finishers at each of these competitions will also receive a FM NYC t-shirt!
  • The winner of the Club Champions Tournament will qualify to fence in the main event against either Aldo Montano or Nicolas Lopez and also receive a $1,000 training grant
  • All Club Champion participants will be recognized on-stage during the main event!

Clubs: there is still time to host a Fencing Masters NYC qualifier! Shoot me a line to find out how!

One thought on “Want to Compete in the Fencing Masters? YOU CAN! 12 Qualifiers on AskFred and Growing!

  1. Dear Tim,
    Congratulations on your win at the NACA. I watched two of your d.e. bouts and videoed part of each. It was such a pleasure to watch you fence.
    Good luck in Paris!
    Mary A.

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