Want to Fence on Television against an Olympic Champion?!?!

Not to drop a big hint about what we are officially announcing next week, but Sean Buckley and Colin Colter qualified last week for the Fencing Masters Expo Tournament on Nov. 17.  The winner of that tournament will fence in the main event against Olympic Champion Aldo Montano and also receive a $1,000 training grant!  (Plus it will be on TV?!?!) Also,  all qualifier winners will  be acknowledged on-stage  (and on ahem TV!?!?!)

Did I mention the last time a US fencing tournament was on TV was the 1980s?

Here is the list of upcoming qualifiers (Your chance to fence your way there!)

Or you can join them by buying a ticket! www.fencingmastersnyc.com

Colin Colter  and Sean Buckley (below) qualified last weekend!

Who will join them this weekend by winning a Fencing Masters Qualifier? ?

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