The 2010 USA Men’s Saber National Team!

20 days until we leave for Paris, France for world championships!

Ben Igoe, Daryl Homer, James Williams, Coach Yury Gelman and me spent the last week in Germany at Tauber for a training camp with the Germans, Italians, Romanians, Belarus and Canadian National teams.

The camp was all bouting for the first 5 days with an individual and team tournament at the end.   James Williams finished 2nd in the individual tournament defeating Dumitrescu (ROM) Montano (ITA) before falling to Samelle (ITA) for the gold.

In team, we finished 3rd behind Italy and Romania.  It was also just a good bonding camp for our team as we got to spend some quality time together away from the distractions in NYC.   We are heading to Cincinnati this upcoming weekend for a national tournament which will serve as another warm-up for us before worlds.

One thought on “The 2010 USA Men’s Saber National Team!

  1. Hi Tim,

    Just wondering if you will be posting a list of all the club level “champions” so those of us who are interested can see who is qualifying. I know you are noting individuals as each event is completed, but it would be fun to see the list grow. It may even inspire more fencers to go to their local events and participate in the upcoming qualifiers.

    Again – outstanding effort and fabulous concept! Can’t wait to see it all unfold! Cudos!

    Donna Pepe

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