6 thoughts on “Fencing Technology: New Saber Handle by Company Cartel Escrime

  1. I’d have to try it out… but at first glance I don’t think I’d prefer to use it. Seems awkward to hold, and doesn’t allow you to change up how you hold it a little.

  2. Definitely not legal for epee. It has protrusions, and does not fix the hand in one position, and the thumb and forefingers would be too far away from the gaurd.

    In otherwords – “read your rulebook” :).

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  4. Tim, I was sure it was illegal for all weapons (m.4.6), but before I commentted, I thought I would get a difinitive answer from Dan DeChaine.


    I have seen this handle and just a few days ago I told Bruno Royer (owner of Cartel) that it was illegal. He was not happy, but there it is. It is just a reworked Gardere, with all of the same characteristics — and problems. The name on the side is PRATT, I will not stoop to making the obvious pun.

    He is aware of the problem and has (or it seems that he has) unwillingly accepted it. Now we will wait and see.


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