Olympian Tim Morehouse Diet Program | BistroMDsport

BistroMDsport has been sponsoring my food as I train to make the London 2012 Olympics.   The food has really made a big difference in my health and training program!

Check out the results!

I’ve always trained a lot, but never reaped all the benefits from my training because of my diet.   BistroMDsport are gourmet, healthy, chef cooked meals that are home delivered each week.

I think all of us know what foods to eat and not to eat! We are bombarded by that information everyday, but I know for me the issue was really having the time to eat healthy.  With BistroMDsport I’ve been able to eat healthy on a regular basis!

So, if you’ve got a new years resolution to get in better shape then make sure you have the right diet and you might want to check out a great meal program with bistroMDsport!