Pictures from the US Olympic Training Center

The Fencing Building at the US Olympic Training Center

Day 1 is down.  I’m exhausted!  We had 2 fencing practices and a strength and conditioning session.  We are currently fasting 12 hours so we can be blood tested in the morning by the sports science team here.     They will be able to give us comprehensive information on our nutrition and health!

Tomorrow we have sports psychology sessions plus practice.   We also have access to some really great facilities for recovering from hard training sessions.  This whole place is just truly inspiring.  I feel fortunate and blessed that I’m able to train at a place like this!  Jim Page, our high performance director, has been our gracious host and liaison.

Hope you Enjoy some of the pictures!  -Tim

The weight training facility
The beautiful campus!

More pictures at my facebook page! (Please “like” it!)

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