Grand Opening of NYACK Fencing Academy | Mika’il Sankofa will be Head Coach

John Scarpino and Alex Acevedo would like to announce the grand opening of the Nyack Fencing Academy, Rockland County’s first mega fencing club. The academy will have its opening event this Sunday, January 16th at its 6000 sq./foot facility located at 40 Lydecker Street in Nyack. There will be events for all three weapons. Youth events will run in the morning and cadet in the afternoon.  Please see AskFred:

They would also like to announce that John Scarpino’s friend, 3 time Olympian, and 4 time NCAA Champion, Mika’il Sankofa will be the academy’s head coach.

Nyack Fencing Academy’s mission is to provide a fun environment that promotes fencing to competitive as well as casual fencers. A recent article:

Olympian, Tanya Adamovich, John Scarpino’s and Mika’il Sankofa’s coach and mentor will stop by during the tournament as well.

Mika’il and John started fencing at Salle Tanya many years ago and are proud to have her attend Nyack Fencing Academy’s event this Sunday.


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