The Life Lessons of Inertia

I got mostly Cs in High School science so I’m probably the last guy I would imagine utilizing a science term, but I think  “inertia”  is a great concept to utilize when thinking about life and how to achieve successes.

Scientific Definition: Inertia is the name for the tendency of an object in motion to remain in motion, or an object at rest to remain at rest, unless acted upon by a force. This concept was quantified in Newton’s First Law of Motion
To relate it to ourselves, we’re always in motion in life and heading somewhere.   The key for me is  being proactive to create the forces that can help move yourself in the directions you want to go.   Since life is a powerful force in constant motion, it will always take a lot of concert effort and energy to move yourself where you want to go.  Not easy, but doable!
Also in life, if we get moving in one direction, it takes a concerted effort to change that direction.  I think about this often when I get frustrated if something isn’t happening the way I want right away.  Of course it is not going to happen right way!  I have to keep applying force and building my energy and skills to generate that force!

It is also very important to  pay attention to the direction you’re heading and the momentum you’re building to get  to that place.  If we put great force behind going in a poor direction (this can happen intentionally or not), it will take an equal or greater effort to change the direction.   Think of an alcoholic, the longer they drink and don’t fight for a new direction, the harder it is for them to break that cycle. etc.
Thoughts on this analogy?

2 thoughts on “The Life Lessons of Inertia

  1. Very true! I write about stuff like this all the time in hopes that it will help others. Great to see that the mindset I’m trying to teach people is the same as an Olympic medalist!!

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