Team USA Men’s Saber 6th Place at Moscow World Cup

Fencing. Moscow Saber 2011 Direct elimination round. Men's individual saber competitions

Moscow, Russia — In the final world cup before Olympic qualification kicks off, team USA men’s saber finished 6th.     The team, consisting of Tim Morehouse, James Williams, Daryl Homer and Jeff Spear, defeated Ukraine 45-43 to advance to the top-8, before falling to Italy to make the top-4, 45-38.   The team then defeated Olympic zonal rival Canada 45-42 in a very tough match.   The day ended with a loss to Romania and a 6th place finish.

James Williams followed up on his top-8 performance in the individual with strong fencing in the team, although against Canada he turned his ankle badly and was forced to the bench for the final round.

The next time team USA takes the piste at a world cup at the end of April it will count for London 2012 qualification!   Will be a tough battle for the team, but looking forward to the challenge.   The next competition is USA National Championships in mid-April.

** A big change will also be announced soon to the  USA Olympic qualification system for the London 2012 team…more to come on this!

** Ben Igoe was home resting after surgery on his ankle.  He will be back in action at USA national championships.

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