NY Times: Colleges Counting Men as Women | Fencing is the Cover Picture

Well, fencing made the cover of the NY Times today!

Probably not the article we’d love to see, but interesting enough!  It is about how colleges are trying to get around Title IX by doing such things as counting men as being on the women’s teams.

They cite the Cornell fencing team as one of the offenders…

At Cornell, only when the 34 fencers on the women’s team take off their protective masks at practice does it become clear that 15 of them are men. Texas A&M and Duke are among the elite women’s basketball teams that also take advantage of a federal loophole that allows them to report male practice players as female participants. 

Read the whole article:

The article has big implications for fencing especially as teams are continuing to be cut and also that Title IX is working as intended.

But as women have grown to 57 percent of American colleges’ enrollment, athletic programs have increasingly struggled to field a proportional number of female athletes. And instead of pouring money into new women’s teams or trimming the rosters of prized football teams, many colleges are turning to a sleight of hand known as roster management. According to a review of public records from more than 20 colleges and universities by The New York Times, and an analysis of federal participation statistics from all 345 institutions in N.C.A.A. Division I — the highest level of college sports — many are padding women’s team rosters with underqualified, even unwitting, athletes. They are counting male practice players as women. And they are trimming the rosters of men’s teams.

3 thoughts on “NY Times: Colleges Counting Men as Women | Fencing is the Cover Picture

  1. I was pretty displeased with this article and video… I felt the article was completely ignorant. The men’s fencing team is not trying to undermine Title IX… they just want to get as much practice as they can because of their love for the sport. As a former member of the Cornell Women’s Varsity Fencing Team, I loved being able to practice with the guys. I think they are really great. And if anyone has questions on the subject, I strongly encourage them to contact Mike Fotinatos of the Cornell University Men’s Fencing Club. I’m sad that this article put fencing in such a bad light.

  2. *To clarify: By this article, I meant the New York Times article, not yours Tim. I think that it’s great that you post stuff up like this. It really keeps us in touch with what is going on!

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