If You’re a Fencer, You May Have a Dog Named after you in Spain

Mariel Zagunis has a saber blade named after her so it is not surprising that there is now a dog named after her as well!   She amongst other fencers including Olympians Montano, Tarantino, Sanzo, Pina and Tan each have one of these magnificent dogs bearing their names in Spain.  The dogs are Canary Island Mastiffs.

The dogs are bred by a fencing referee who in an ode to the sport he loves has named many of his animals after fencers!  You can check out his website www.fencingdogs.com and if you’re a fencer you too may have one named after you!  He also breeds some beautiful Pugs.

No Morehouse one that I could find, but I can always dream!

This is Tarantino...Apparently he and the Montano dog didn't get along and had to be separated! Tarantino (the dog that is) now resides in Atlanta, GA!

You can check out a few more pictures of the dogs here:

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