Olympian Jaime Marti has Saber Hand Pierced Through with blade…he’s out for NY World Cup.

Spanish olympian Jaime Marti had his hand run-through with a saber at practice today. The blade was unbroken and went through an all-star glove with no holes.

He wants everyone to know he is ok. The saber went straight through his hand and luckily missed all the nerves and tendons, but he will be out for the NY world cup and Spanish National Championships. I’m Hoping he will be back for the European zonals. Let’s all send him well wishes for a quick recovery.

This injury is just another example that the gloves do not meet a good safety standard.

Will it take someone dying before they implement better safety standards for fencing gloves? Athletes are at risk. FIE: You must do something ASAP! (And, the recent safety precaution of ensuring gloves have no holes is not enough)


10 thoughts on “Olympian Jaime Marti has Saber Hand Pierced Through with blade…he’s out for NY World Cup.

  1. I’m very sorry to hear about this frustrating injury, and I’m glad frustrating is all it is. I certainly wish him a speedy recovery!

    At the same time, injuries will happen, no matter how good the fencers or their equipment are. Knee jerk responses and making new rules will not necessarily make a difference (unless there’s been a sudden spate of hand injuries I didn’t know about). It’s important to examine these injuries carefully to learn from them, and to see WHETHER something reasonably can be done. If action is taken, it should be a meaningful and useful one, not just an appeasement. I fenced competitively through the 80s & 90s and saw all sorts of silly rules come and go every year.

    It’s important for us all to remember that any sport has an element of danger, and combative weapon sports even moreso.

  2. Jeff – See the story that Fencing.Net published. The hand injuries are on the rise and the FIE has acknowledged that it’s a problem but does not have any solutions as yet.

  3. Get ready for the $80 FIE 800N gloves, through which we won’t be able to feel the sabre grips.

    Can the $40 FIE socks be far behind? 😛

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