Fencing News: French Fencer Vincent Anstett Sponsored by Audi

This picture of French saber fencer Vincent Anstett came across my facebook newsfeed and got me wondering what it was for?  I checked out his website and found that Audi is now sponsoring him…

Update: spoke with Anstett and they are sponsoring him with a free car while he trains.

That’s a pretty cool sponsorship.  Go Fencing.

According to my Google Translator from his website:

 Heading: Vincent Anstett News: AUDI, partnership-oriented rings

The concession Audi Automobiles KROELY Paul now joins the group of partners who will accompany me throughout the years with the aim of the London Olympics in 2012. This is a great pride for me and I hope to be worthy of their confidence in me

This is the month of April that the first contacts have been forged at the launch party of the new A6 which I attended with some children of Strasbourg University Club. We have proposed a show of LudoEscrime individual lesson with a musical background. Exercise far from easy as the intensity was great!
We quickly realized that the “mark of the rings” shared common values ​​with a lot of fencing and it’s almost natural that the adventure lasted.
So the wheel of a beautiful Audi TT that I could prepare for thisOlympic season. I hope it will provide elegant, flexible andaggressive in my game and these rings then take me to other more colorful than in London.

Here is the link to his website and please feel free to let me know if I’m off!


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