Big Announcement: Introducing Fencing-in-the-Schools!

Dear Friends,

It is with great joy that I announce the official incorporation of my foundation to help bring the sport of fencing to under-resourced schools in inner-city and rural communities throughout the country.  Fencing-in-the-Schools will be dedicated to helping children through the sport of fencing.

Throughout my life I’ve had two passions: Representing our country at the Olympics in the sport that I love and my work in education as a member of Teach For America.   Over the past year, I’ve decided to combine my two passions and starting in the 2012-2013 school year we’ll be launching several pilot programs in schools with the plan to scale up to 5,000 students participating annually by year five.

Thanks to the initial support from Kalle Weeks, President of USA Fencing and Karen Mandel, amongst others, who have provided some of the initial financial support as well as Carnegie Sports, which has been an invaluable partner assisting with the legal framework to establish the foundation. And a special mention to Marley Kaplan, Executive director of Chess-in-the-schools, which the program will loosely be modeled after, for opening up her organization to me as I seek to learn as much as possible to make this a success.

We’ll be looking to raise $25,000 to help fund our initial program launch for the 2012-2013 school year, which includes the cost of equipment, instructor fees and training, our official website and the other pieces that will go into laying the foundation for this organization.   In the coming months, we will hold a fundraising launch event and launch an official website, but in the meantime if you’d like to donate, please let me know.

Please spread the word and if you’re able to provide some financial support I would greatly appreciate it!


Tim Morehouse

Founder and President


Kalle Weeks
President USA Fencing

Matt Salloway, Treasurer and General Counsel
Salloway Law Group

Rachael Kun
60 Minutes Producer

Kathleen Reckling, Secretary


Mario Argote Esq. Additional Counsel
Former Deputy National Director, Right To Play

Scott Weiss
Owner and President, Bodhizone Fitness

Ed Cederquist
Owner and President,  BistroMD

Joey Cheek
US Olympic Champion, Speed Skating

Jason Rogers

US Olympic Medalist, Fencing

Marley Kaplan
Executive Director, Chess-in-the-Schools

Michael Aufrichtig
Head Coach Columbia University

Eddie Brown
Nike Sports

3 thoughts on “Big Announcement: Introducing Fencing-in-the-Schools!

  1. How rural do you want to go? We have both inner city and rural areas where kids do not have opportunities to do anything besides drink and do drugs. I would be interested in working with your group to help us promote fencing in Alaska, specifically in Anchorage. PS. we don’t actually fence with bears or in igloos, though I could arrange it…I suppose.

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