Adidas new Silver Clothing Line Inspired Entirely by Fencing! (PS That’s me fencing in the background)

Now, you can wear fencing stuff all day long even outside of training!

Introducing ADIDAS new Silver Spring/Summer 2012 collection!  I had a lot of fun shooting the fencing bits for the clothing line although the boots they had me fence in were really uncomfortable.  Great publicity for fencing to be the sporting face for a clothing line even if it just is for a season.   We’ll find our permanent home like the sport of Polo with Ralph Lauren someday!

Here is the website if you want to buy the clothes:

The line was created by Willy Vanderperre under the creative direction of Pietsch Lim.


Dear Friends,

Please SAVE THE DATE: Tuesday, June 26, 2012 for Fencing Masters: Kick-Off to London 2012!    In a few weeks, we’ll be launching the website and tickets will go on-sale then along with addition information about the event!

The quick 411: Fencing Masters: Kick-Off to London 2012 will be a foil, epee and saber competition featuring the London 2012 US Olympic Team competing against some of the best athletes in the world in a benefit for Fencing-in-the-Schools and the US Olympic Fencing Team.

Help us spread the word and thank you for your support!


The KOREAN-USA Elite Tournament’s Mission is GREAT!

If I could articulate the purpose  and impact of the Fencing Master tournament into a slide it would be the above from the Korean-US Elite Tournament!  The purpose of the Korean-USA Elite tournament is to promote fencing, but this slide also clearly lays the impact of that raised awareness and then also the structural pieces that need to be in place to maximize that impact.

If I could article the three main buckets of actions needed to grow fencing:

#1 Create awareness of the sport.

#2 increasing opportunities for people to participate.

#3 find places for talented fencers to be developed to their full potential.

It is pretty powerful for me to see this all laid out.  Good teachers beg, borrow and steal. 😉

Check out the tournament: