Interview with French National Coach Jean-Philippe Daurelle “We Shall Give it our Best” | Fencing.Net has a press release on this weekend’s Men’s Saber Grand Prix in Plovdiv, Bulgaria and an interview translated into english the French National Coach.  (

Few days before the GP in Plovdiv we visit with Jean-Philippe Daurelle, France MS National Coach.

Q: What is your state of mind three days before the first competition of an especially important season?
J-P D: “Our state of mind is that of people who gave their best at every moment in their preparation and are determined to give it all.”

Q: How do you rate the physical and mental condition of your sabreurs?
J-P D: “I am optimistic about our progress and impatient to see them on the strip.”

Q: What message/mission do you convey to them during training?
J-P D: “I try to convey a message of efficiency, accuracy, reflection, so that they can go all out on the strip during the competition.”

Q: Did you adopt a specific training technique to beat the best sabreurs and if so what is it?
J-P D: “Our bet was to improve, to capitalize on our strong points with a repertoire of touches capable to create problems to anyone, rather than dissecting the game of those who currently are the best.”

Q: You start the season with the Plovdiv Grand Prix which does not include a team competition. What is your main objective in Bulgaria?
J-P D: “Winning bouts to increase the level of confidence of the group.”

Q: Are you going to select the team which will compete in Padua February 18 based only on the individual results in Plovdiv?
J-P D: “The team will be announced after Plovdiv taking into account the results in Plovdiv but also what the selection committee has observed during the past several weeks of training and in the national competitions to come up with the strongest team possible.”

Q: During this season which looks to be very challenging, did you plan training session in other countries similar to what you did last year in Canada?
J-P D: “The Germans came over here last week and we will go over there for a week in February.”

Q: What do you say to those who already believe that you will not succeed in qualifying the team for the London Olympics?
J-P D: “A fencer who is down and who wants to compete at a high level must give it all until the last moment. Sometimes he must face one who is stronger than him and sometimes thanks to his persistence and by not giving up, what looked to be impossible becomes possible. We shall give our best!”

Interview by Denis Goran

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