American Fencer Book Signing with Tim Morehouse (January 12 at Barnes in Noble Union Square)

Join me at Barnes and Noble in Union Square in NYC on January 12, 2013 at 2pm for a book signing and Olympic fencing demonstration!

If you purchase a copy of AMERICAN FENCER from Barnes and Noble between now and the event you’ll receive priority seating for this fun afternoon that will be a blast for kids and adults alike.  The event is FREE to the public.




American Fencer is more than a swashbuckling romp through the diverse subculture of the ancient sport of fencing—it’s the story of what it takes to overcome expectations of your peers and the world, as well as the self-expectations that can lead to failure.  Olympic medalist and U.S. National Champion Tim Morehouse’s memoir is a story of teamwork and individualism, monastic dedication and high-stakes competition—the difference between a dream and its demise separated by 120 milliseconds at the tip of the sword.

Whether or not you’ve ever picked up a foil, epee or saber, Tim’s story speaks to the underdog in all of us—the shoestring self-start with belief, dedication, and little else. American Fencer is the story of the American dream.

I will be having a book launch event in NYC on Tuesday, April 24 and you can find the invite at (hope you can join me!)  Tickets are $75 dollars and will include a signed copy of the book, drinks and hors d’oeuvres with proceeds going to support my foundation Fencing-in-the-Schools.

The book will head into bookstores starting after the London Games so right now you can get online, at a few fencing outlets (in the near future) and at some of my upcoming appearances over the next few months.

Thank you all for your support!


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