Can Dan Bak be Stopped? This weekend he begins his Future Stars Title defense at Fencing Academy of South Jersey.


In 2010, Dan Bak captured the first ever Future Stars Championship at the Fencing Masters NYC.   His prize? A place in the main event fencing in front of 1800+ spectators against Olympic Champion Aldo Montano.   Dan nearly pulled off an upset, falling 14-15 to Montano in a tough fought match. (Video Below)

Dan is back for more! He’s competing this weekend at Fencing Academy of South Jersey hoping to earn his way back to the Future Stars Championship and then wring out another victory that will put him in the main event!…this time in front of 2000+ spectators!   In 2010, the Future Stars Championship was only saber, but now it is  a 6-weapon team of foil, epee and saber both men and women that will fight their way to the main event.

Want to take your shot?

This weekend are the first two qualifiers.  See a listing of them



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