Fencing Loses Another Young Fencer: Everett Glenn at age 19.

Very sad news for the fencing community, Everett Glenn, a young fencer from Monclair, NJ passed away a day after celebrating his 19th birthday.  My thoughts go out to his friends and family.  Just tragic news.

From http://www.baristanet.com/2012/05/r-i-p-montclairs-everett-glenn/

Everett Glenn, a well-known Montclair fencer who was a Lafayette college freshman, died yesterday on his birthday. The campus released a statement saying Glenn was pronounced dead yesterday afternoon at Eastern Hospital…

The Express Times reports that Glenn’s mother said her son had been drinking too much and went to lie down in his room and that an emergency room doctor told her the cause of death was cardiac arrest. Baristanet sends condolences to Glenn’s family and friends. A prayer service for Glenn drew roughly one-third of the student body

There is a website set up for remembrances: http://rememberingeverett.com/

Adding to the tragedy is that another Montclair graduate, who was attending Rutgers, Phil Smyth,  also passed away only a few months ago at the age of 21.   http://obits.nj.com/obituaries/starledger/obituary.aspx?n=philip-smyth&pid=156140487

Very sad.

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