Would Ross Mathews @helloross beat @barackobama in a fencing duel? The Answer Here. @enews @jayleno

Ross Mathew Preparing his Dueling Game Face!

I’ve taught a lot of people to fence, but today was a fun one as I showed Ross Mathews the sport of kings (Sorry Polo but we were here first) for a segment that will air on E News.

We hit on a lot of good topics during the interview including life in the Olympic Village, my upcoming wedding, doing the ESPN Body Issue, but perhaps the biggest question was could he beat President in a duel after our training session?

Well, let’s just say, Ross has some interesting “technique” that might confuse the President…you’ll have to watch the piece and judge for yourself! (Of course, Michelle Obama would beat both of them hands down!)

Teaching President Obama to fence on the White House lawn in 2010

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