Russia Sport Interview with Christian Bauer: “Foreign fencers invited to play for Russia” and Usmanov Supports it.

Boris Pisetsky: Politics Bauer goes to the detriment of our fencing

(This is translated by Google Translater from Russian)

Foreign saber will be invited to play for Russia to increase competition in the national team, said head coach Christian Bauer Russian saber.

At the end of the Olympics Bauer ended the contract with the Russian Fencing Federation. Russian saber in London won two medals: Sophia Great won the silver medal, while Nikolay Kovalev won bronze. Contract with the French specialist extended for another five years.

“Russian saber is very poor. No juniors, no coaches, athletes, even so it will be difficult to change. The whole of Russia in the team only three people: Alexey Yakimenko, Nikolai Kovalyov and Veniamin Reshetnikov. And then the three of them high enough level, the first two – may be, but the third – no. Very difficult situation. When there is not enough competition, only three athletes in the whole country, it turns out that these three can “sleep” all the time, but no one can take their place in the team, “- said Bauer told reporters.

“After three or four years, Russian athletes will be able to raise their level. Now a difficult situation.We want to buy some other athletes to competition. It will be difficult to have to change citizenship, “- he added.

According to him, the result can only give an invitation motivated fencers from other countries.

“It’s one thing if an athlete comes from another country just to practice, and local athletes understand that the competition for a place in the team anyway. And they have to worry that if they are bad fence, you will not get in the team. We invited two athletes from the former Soviet republics. They saw it and immediately said, “We do not need other people.” I said that if you are better than these guys, that you will be in the team. They were worried, “- said Bauer.

Bauer said that had already discussed the issue of inviting foreigners to the team with the Chairman Board of Trustees of the Russian Fencing Federation Alisher Usmanov .

“Usmanov said that we lost together, but I hope the next time will win together. He is very well versed in psychology. All I wanted to say to him after the Games, he said to me, to me. He is well aware. I told him about the athletes, we want to invite, and he immediately gave the nod “- summed up the French specialist.

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