One thought on “Tim Morehouse at Barnes and Noble Union Square on Jan 12. Starts at 2pm on 5th Floor!

  1. I had the great good fortune of bringing my girls, 7 and 9, to see Tim and his olympic colleagues at the Union Square B&N yesterday. The house was packed, Tim was marvelous, as were all the fencers, in engaging the crowd, especially the kids. He presented a well thought out primer program on fencing that included a bit of history of the sport, as well as his own, and a really great period of demonstration that included all three weapons, as well as including some time that was interactive with audience members, i.e., the kids. Tim was kind enough to sign my kids’ copy of his book, American Fencer (which is fabulous, by the way). As a former competitive fencer I know how often fencing and fencers can be perceived as somewhat elitist and standoff-ish. And there is certainly some truth in this. But you get none of that from Tim, nor any of the great people he has engaged in his program. This was easily one of the best couple of hours I’ve spent with my girls recently. The little one fences after school, so all the more grateful for Tim’s kindness and openness. She spent quite some time talking to her grandmother the following day about her “friend Tim”.

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