3 Ways YOU Can Help Get A Thousands of Kids Fencing in Harlem! (via Fencing in the Schools!)

Dear Friends,

Help us start NEW Fencing programs in Harlem!     Fencing in the Schools is a 501c3 foundation I started to help bring the great sport of fencing to kids around the country to fight childhood obesity and instill Olympic ideals.  It begins its mission to get 1 million students fencing in schools by 2023 with 1600+ students fencing in 6 Harlem schools starting in late march!  We also have the goal to get 10,000 kids by 2013-14 school!   I needs YOUR help to get our country fencing!

On March 13, Fencing in the Schools is hosting its kick-off event in NYC at the Baryshnikov Arts Center (450 W 37th St  New York, NY between 9th and 10th Ave) at 7pm featuring talks by 2012 US Olympic team members and two special Fencing Masters matches featuring top ranked men’s saber fencers Daryl Homer Vs. Tim Morehouse and top-ranked women’s foil fencers Nicole Ross Versus Nzhingha Prescod!

These matches will also be aired on national TV in April on Universal Sports!

FOR TICKETS (OR TO DONATE):  www.crowdrise.com/fencingintheschools2013


#1 BUY TICKETS to the FENCING IN THE SCHOOLS March 13 Kick-Off event!  Go to www.crowdrise.com/fencingintheschools2013 and purchase a ticket!

You can earmark your ticket proceeds specifically to one of the schools in Harlem and earmark proceeds for your ticket(s) to one of the schools!  (Hint: If you earmark for “Democracy Prep Middle School – Olympian Tim Morehouse”  or go to my http://www.crowdrise.com/team-morehouse/fundraiser/timmorehouse1 the top fundraiser for me will get a special prize!)

  •  My top fundraiser on my personal page will get a fencing lesson from me!

#2 DONATE!! Go to http://www.crowdrise.com/team-morehouse/fundraiser/timmorehouse1 and donate!   Every donation helps!

#3 JOIN A FUNDRAISING TEAM AND SPREAD THE WORD! Each school has a specific fundraising page with a team made up of an Olympian, a fundraising captain and ANYONE CAN JOIN to help the cause!

* Step 1: Go to www.crowdrise.com/fencingintheschools2013

* Step 2: Scroll down the page and click on one of the Olympian School Teams

* Step 3: on the page, Login via Facebook or create a Crowdrise account (costs you nothing!)

* Step 4: On the specific school page, click on “THE TEAM” and click on “JOIN THE TEAM!”

* Step 5: you are now a member of the team and you can post to facebook, twitter or send your friends an email requesting their support for Fencing in the Schools!

To help bring fencing to your school you can email info@fencingintheschools.com to learn more or go to our website: www.fencingintheschools.org

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