FENCING.NET: “What We Know So Far” an Update on Fencing Coach Emik Kaidanov. The Most Recent Coach Fired at Penn State University in the Wake of Sandusky Fallout


Most Recent Information on the newest Penn State Coach Firing of long-time coach Emik Kaidanov from fencing’s Damien Lehdfeldt.

One thought on “FENCING.NET: “What We Know So Far” an Update on Fencing Coach Emik Kaidanov. The Most Recent Coach Fired at Penn State University in the Wake of Sandusky Fallout

  1. Damien’s outrage as both a fencer and a coach notwithstanding, “the facts” are probably not entirely complete at this point. But it seems clear (to me) that the university acted, or reacted, if you will, pretty hastily, and not in the best interests of its fencing program, its long serving head coach, its exhausted athletics dept., nor its athletes, in particular its fencers. Otherwise its actions all seem to be completely in line with what one would expect from PS these days.
    It would be my guess that Coach Kaidanov probably had some choice words for this female Staff Assistant who started all of this, and that he, being more worldly and experienced probably felt that any opportunity he had to address the situation was lost due to the whistle blower.
    His choice of words, tone, venue, etc., etc. is what’s behind his firing. But frankly, were I in his position I’d be pissed too. But he should have kept his cool (assuming he actually lost it).
    Meanwhile, back at the ranch, State has taken such a beating in recent years with all the scandals, who can blame them for over-reacting? The press circle like vultures over a dead animal in and around Happy Valley these days. And no one really knows the true motivations of the Staff Assistant.
    And so, an otherwise fine man and great coach gets caught up in the whirlwind. It’s a shame, and probably won’t be the last time this happens at Penn State, or anywhere else.
    And now, heaven help us all, we have come to the point where we have lawyers involved. In the end nothing about the decision will change, though Coach Kaidanov will have his good name cleared, his reputation intact, and perhaps some of Penn State’s shekels in his pocket. He will find another coaching opportunity, and any program I can think of would probably be happy to have him.
    Going forward, one can only hope that all involved have learned something from this sad and unfortunate episode. More than anyone else, my heart goes out to Penn State’s fencers, who will have to deal with all the distractions of this ongoing. Really a shame.

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