Yoda or Zorro? Who Wins in a Fencing Duel. (Most Creative explanation of the Duel wins a Fencing Hat)


In professional sports like basketball they always debate who would win one-on-one if the legends were to play.   Would Michael Jordan beat Lebron James? etc.   Since fencings most well-known swordsmen still remain movie characters (we are working on this!) I thought I’d ask the question, who would win in a duel between Yoda and Zorro?

The most creative and fun description of the duel (as determined by me I guess) will get a free fencing hat.   (Please note: Yoda would not have use of a light saber since that would be unfair!)

Epic Rap Battles of History has nothing on this! lol I’d love to see someone make this into a video…

8 thoughts on “Yoda or Zorro? Who Wins in a Fencing Duel. (Most Creative explanation of the Duel wins a Fencing Hat)

  1. Yoda…. because footwork wins, period. Sure, Zorro was good, but his footwork was awful in most of the films I’ve seen. A decent student of Agrippa, thibauldt, febre, or even cappoferro, would destroy that wide open stance. Controlling where your body is, relative to your surroundings is the first key to victory. On the second, misdirection, it might be a draw, but without being able to match Yoda on footwork, all the misdirection in world won’t help Zorro. And then we have the question of experience. When years old 900 you are, move as well, you will Not.

  2. Interesting topic, though I’m sure a bunch of Star Wars fans will rush to the defense of the old grand-master. Assuming Yoda can’t simply use the Force to disarm Zorro, the fight might be closer than some think. Zorro is obviously one of the most infamous swordsman of the last century and possesses incredible speed, dexterity, and intelligence to outwit many an opponent. Yoda, while not shown in the movies as the greatest swordsman, has a few hundred years on the masked man and is certainly in a league of his own in dueling.

    I’d like to think that in a fencing bout, Zorro would start with the upper hand since Yoda has displayed being susceptible to surprise attacks. Despite this, Zorro’s tendency to mock his opponent verbally would cost him a few touches, as Yoda would never be distracted by such a thing. In the end though, it all depends on the battlefield. If they’re fencing on a straight strip, Zorro is much more proficient at direct combat and facing the enemy head on. However, if the fight is in any place where Yoda can get behind him, then the bout is already over, with Yoda as the winner.

    But knowing the two swordsmen, their similar objectives of bringing good would have them fighting evil alongside one another (probably getting a red or black card for refusing to fence)

  3. The Highlander because there can be only one!

    Well this is an interesting question given Bill Anderson was kind of the master behind both onscreen fighting styles. The fact is that the light sabre is more light katana than sabre so Yoda’s approach to dealing with the European sword style would prove neat to watch and vice versa for Zorro. I would assume that Yoda can not use the force as he can not use a light sabre so he is at a physical disadvantage here I think that alone would give Zorro the win.

  4. While I am a big fan of both of these fencing icons, I have to give the edge to Yoda in the contest. While Zorro is dashing, brave, handsome, and skilled, those who are familiar with the varied movies and vaunted TV series also have to recognize those traits also are weaknesses. Yoda’s light sabre prohibition handicap is obvious. But Yoda is more nimble and much shorter than Zorro. Kinda like trying to stab a scared rabbit. Even if Yoda chose not to Force choke Zorro, he could just as easily use old Jedi mind tricks to compel Zorro not to fight. Or how about just running around between Zorro’s feet and tripping him constantly. Yoda is strong with the Force and would most likely lift Zorro into the air, relieve him of his sword and say “Brave you are. Win you do not.”

  5. Having cleared a piste in the halls of Vahalla, Cyrano de Bergarac, acting as director, reviews the rules of the match, “Standard epee rules will apply, point only attacks, anywhere on the body. Master Yoda has agreed to forgo both Jedi mind tricks and Force attacks.”
    Pointing to each side, he continued, “Our floor judges for this match will be Mme. Julie d’Aubigny and M. Miyamoto Musashi, they shall determine if the equipment registers an invalid touch upon the floor.”
    “The piste has been modified to accommodate both combatants, so instead of 14 meters by 2 meters, the area of action is 20 meters in diameter. The bout will be to 10 touches. Time for bout will be 8 minutes and as with standard epee rules, double touches are allowed. Gentlemen, shall we begin?”
    “Don Diego De la Vega, Master Yoda, ready? Fence!”
    Zorro stands straight legged and begins to walk the perimeter of the circle. Master Yoda remains where he is en garde with his eyes closed, unmoving. As Zorro passes Master Yoda, he begins to tighten the circle, until he is almost directly behind the Jedi Master by six feet. As he reaches attack distance, he lunges, point directed to Yoda’s left shoulder. As the point reaches Master Yoda, his shoulder drops a few centimeters until the point passes, and then rises again to pick up the blade. As Master Yoda turns pushing the blade up and past him as he spins in place. Yoda’s blade is pointed Don Diego’s midsection. Don Diego stops just before running onto the blade.
    “Try harder, you must.” Says the Jedi Master.
    Zorro backs away. Warily watching the small, green Jedi, he begins again walking the perimeter of the piste. Again Master Yodi maintains an en garde near the center with his eyes closed. De la Vega continues until he has nearly made a second circuit around the Jedi Master and again closes from off to the right hand side. Again, as the point reaches Master Yoda’s right shoulder, it drops fractionally, just allowing the point to pass, and rises again, picking up the side of the point. As Yoda pivots, the point passes him and he again has his point directed at Zorro’s midsection. Zorro halts again before he can impale himself upon the point.
    Yoda straightens his arm slightly gently, barely touching Zorro as the green light goes on.
    “Halt!” yells Cyrano, “Touch left!” as he points to Zorro.
    Don Diego De la Vega nods, removing his mask and says, “Master Yoda, I concede. I shall buy the drinks today.”
    The crowd in Vallaha roars with appreciation and lines up for their drinks.

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